MGN Online has put together a special program for US Colleges and Graduate programs whereby, qualifying schools are able to use MGN Online’s “Full” service at a reduced rate after MGN’s donation. MGN Online is offering this access in recognition of the resource needs for schools, their shrinking budgets and the role current students will play in the news production world of the near future. 

MGN Requires The Following:

These services will be provided at the request of an authorized staff person only. Students need to arrange access through their teachers and/or administrators. These same staff people will be responsible for the user name and password assigned by MGN Online and monitoring the academic use of the images. We will require a signed Service Agreement on file before access can be arranged. The Agreement contains information on fair use, term of license and disclaimers. Improper use of these resources will result in termination of access. This protects both MGN Online and the academic institution.

MGN Online has an online library of over 200,000 images with additional images available from our offline library. New topical images are posted every day. If you need access to high quality news-oriented images for campus publications, closed circuit broadcasting, electronic publishing or even individual student projects, then MGN Online is proud to offer our comprehensive services.

To Get Started:

To arrange access today, simply email us your full contact information. Once we receive your information we will send you a service agreement. You could be downloading images within a couple hours!

For Academic Access Contact: