MGN Online Co-op Terms:

MGN Online Qualified Affiliates are invited to submit news oriented photos, elements and graphics for compensation by MGN. Affiliates will receive a $25.00 credit for each accepted photo, element or graphic against your next monthly invoice. Credits will be limited to 50% of your total monthly invoice. Submissions accepted that total more than 50% of the monthly invoice will be rolled over to subsequent invoices. MGN will accept 6 months worth of Co-op credit per submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Images provided to MGN Online must be copyright free. In the event you upload an image to MGN Online that belongs to someone else, your organization could be liable for copyright infringement and use fees for the image.

Regarding use: Co-op images submitted to MGN Online are not to be used by competing Affiliates within the same market.

Click HERE to Upload an image:

Required minimum image size: 1280 X 960 JPEG. Click here

Co-op Ideas:

We are looking for quality generic imagery that will have lasting value in our archives. Our first priority with Co-op participants is to make sure we have the important images you might need for your News. These images would include government figures including Mayors, Governors, Senators, Congressmen and women, sports figures, coaches and television personalities from your state. Other important images would include: monuments, statues, historical sites, landmarks, battlefields, Universities, government buildings, business logos, local industrial and economic symbols or icons and recent local news events. The following is a list of categories of particular interest.

We are currently rebuilding the categories below with high resolution images. Photos from digital cameras are welcome.

Car wrecks, fires, explosions, severe weather, train derailments, hazardous waste spills, plane crashes, and others.

Business and Industry:
CEO head shots (copyright free), industrial images, i.e. smokestacks, steel mill, auto manufacturing, shipping, trucking, rail freight, retailing, Wall Street, generic business imagery and more.

Crime/Law and Order:
Police activity, criminal activity, court proceedings and related images, guns, knives, your most tasteful image depicting rape, white collar crime, and other crime related images.

School icons, classrooms full of kids, school buses, pens, pencils, books, colleges, universities (their logos), libraries, computers, school budget topics, school safety, college tuition/finances and others.

Head shots:
Political leaders, business leaders, celebrities, sports figures, entertainers, historical figures and infamous people that may not be widely available.. Be careful here, submissions must be free of copyright!

Health and Medicine:
Hospital imagery, doctors office, nurses, pharmacies, medical equipment, pills, stethoscopes, tongue depressors, children, elderly, medical finance issues, insurance and even various organs and anatomy images.

Holidays and Special Events:
Pick your favorite holiday graphic or photo and feel free to submit it. We guarantee that once a year everyone will look at it.

Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and other icon-like images from overseas. This includes images you may have created that include world leaders, foreign business issues, trade issues, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Russia and their politics.

Science and Nature:
NASA images, technology, computers, Internet and communications images, wildlife as it relates to the news, cows, pigs, food production. Chemical discoveries, biology, research, physics and global climate issues.

Social Issues:
Tasteful, unbiased images that illustrate abortion, gay marriage, gays in the military, school uniforms, school prayer, and anything that has come up in your neighborhood.

We have got the national sports leagues covered. How about your local stadium? Key players head shots (copyright free!!!!) local college team logos, Olympic hopefuls, and generic sports images for all types of events.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles...ships and bridges too! (We will even welcome your copyright free shots of John Candy and Steve Martin!)

How to Submit Images

First of all, you must be an MGN Online affiliate to make submissions. Once you have joined our service, simply go to the CO-OP section and click on the submit button. Complete the upload fields appropriately and that's it. We will let you know whether we accepted your images or not.

Up-load Instructions:

Click On CO-OP Upload or click HERE

Fill out the Fields and use the browse buttons to find the thumbnail and Large picture on your hard drive. CLICK ADD!

Co-op Submissions Guidelines:

Click on the Co-op link on the Home page.

Fill out the information required for each image. Keep in mind, some coaches are affectionately know as “Woody” or has a nick name. Be use to use the nick name as a key word. Images should be JPEG Files at 1280 X 960 and 72 pixels per inch (PPI). Special exception can be made if images are larger than stated, maximum 1280 X 960 at 170 dpi JPEG files. Images such as photos and logos need to be clear. No graininess or blurriness. It should be noted that if an image is enlarged over 15% it will show distortion. Cut out Elements must be done so cleanly. Edges must be smooth and not jagged (If using Photoshop to alter images, use the pen tool to cut out element). Composition Graphic compiled using existing MGN Elements will not be accepted, no exceptions. Submissions will be accepted based on image quality, need and artistic skill level. Submissions will not be accepted if the same Image already exists on site.


We appreciate your additions to our site, and look forward to receiving your images. If you need help with the upload process or have any questions contact